Halloween 2011!

Hello there blogosphere! Well, after a few hectic days and a weekend of partying, (plus a day of recovering) I am ready to face Monday with all its bells and whistles; school, work and water.

On Saturday I threw a little post-Halloween/Welcome home Jamie-party to get an excuse to dress up and also to celebrate that my sweetheart is once again home with me. I chose to be a version of Black Swan (it’s impossible to look as good as Natalie Portman in that costume), and Jamie wanted to impress with his harry-Norwegian glossary, which mainly consists of swear words from Sunnmøre, so he dressed up as “Palle” from Klypa. Yeah, I bet you Americans have no idea who that is, and probably a big majority of Norwegians either, so here is a little video that would give you a clue. And yes, it is supposed to be funny, but honestly it’s not my cup of tea, although I think that Jamie did a pretty good job imitating him 🙂

Palle, Jamie's choice of character

Black Swan, my choice

I figured I’d show you how I did the makeup for this. No, I did NOT wear a tutu, instead a wore a plain black dress and black tights. No need to expose my whole rear end, mind you.

Straight fromt he shower!

First, start with a clean face (and preferably dry hair!).

Next, put your hair in a ponytail and fix with lots of hairspray. Use a “donut” to wrap around the hair to create a bun. Use bobby pins to fasten hair and again, use LOTS of hairspray.

A hair "donut"

Next, use white theatre makeup and cover the entire face. I used a cheap one that was very cakey, so I had to fix it with lots of powder on top. My poor skin! Then, use an eye-liner to draw the outlines of the eyes. I imagine them to be like wings with a feathered texture.


A blurry image of the outline (sorry bad pic quality!)

The use white and silver eye-shadow to fill inside the lines, and then the eye-liner to draw lines over the white/silver area. Use a purple/mahogany lipstick and blush, and et voila, you’re set!

I look a little but more like a clown than a black swan..

The finished results!

I’ll spare you for most of the pictures, trust me, you don’t want to see them all. But here are a select few. Hope your Halloween was fabulous also!

Jamie carving the pumpkin


Anja, as Sookie from "True Blood" and Anette as her fab self 🙂

The booze is flowing and the costumes come off!


Happy people


The crown gets passed around

Cupcakes kindergarden-style!



3 responses to “Halloween 2011!

  1. FABULOUS party and a FABULOUS black swan!!! 😉 En Oscar til deg, vennen 😉 Du så helt fantastisk ut!!!! Hadde det supergøy, og jeg gleder emg masse til neste party 😉 LOVE YOU!!! ❤

  2. OMG your makeup for this turned out to be AMAZING! I want a hair “donut.” Going to search for one online…

    • I will send you one in the mail! If you haven’t already got one… 🙂 Tell me, did you cut your hair short or does it just seem like it because of the curls? Wish I could be as brave about hair… I always end up doing the same and it’s so boring.

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