Time flies….

Hello there. Wow. Time sure is going by fast. I feel like a really bad blogger, but honestly – I don’t have time to even formulate sentences in my head. The days are packed with work and school and other activities. Before things got REALLY busy, however, Jamie and I went on a little vacay at my parents’ place in Sykkylven. Nothing relaxes me more than being in the house, looking at the mountains and just taking in the soothing feeling of serenity. A bonus: two purring cats that love to snuggle. My parents are the perfect hosts. My mom cooks and my dad keeps Jamie busy with work around the house so I can read. I love it!

We also got to catch up with other family members and friends. The bus ride back to Bergen along narrow roads, with limited AC, numerous stops at deserted places and about a hundred tunnels is definitely worth it.

But I keep rambling here. The day after I got back, my friends and I gathered for “julebord” – Norwegian for Christmas party. We met at a restaurant where some of us had the traditional Norwegian Xmas dinner; lamb! Yumm! After the feast we went to Anja’s place for “gløgg” – another traditional thing – a drinkmix containing glogg, red wine and raisins/nuts. We had a FAB time as always.


Gorgeous model/journalist/fashionista Anette

Mmmmm.... pinnekjøtt!

The crew


Xmas tree cake!


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