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Happy New Year

I always get emotional on NYE. I have never liked it. There is something scary about leaving a year behind and entering a new one. But I will enter it with an open mind and welcome all the new possibilities that come with it. I hope you do too.



The Siri phehomenon

I don’t have an iPhone. That’s not to say that I don’t want one, I just haven’t had the need yet. I mean, I get by just fine using my Sony Ericsson. I can manually type numbers, texts and I have never used GPS – not even while driving through the USA, although that was a bit of a challenge. We have road maps and google, what else do you really need?

In case you don’t know what Siri is (have you lived in a cage the past years?), it’s a software and what Apple calls a “personal assistant” application for iOS. It’s in my opinion a gimmick designed to numb ones mind and make humans dependent on Apple’s technology to function in life. Siri reminds you of appointments, helps find nearby locations and stores and gives you directions. In other words, a very happy helper. However, Siri was recently criticized for not being able to give desperate users information about birth control or abortion clinics. How do you even respond to such insanity? If you can’t take responsibility for your own sex life and say, go to a doctor and get birth control, or find an abortion clinic by making calls like the rest of the population, you shouldn’t be allowed to own an iPhone nor be sexual active.

Are we supposed to just sit back and be pacified by every new gadget that comes along so that the geniuses behind them can get rich because of our stupidity? Come on people! I am sure Siri is a lifesaver for the mentally challenged or those approaching Alzheimer’s, but don’t underestimate the power of your own brain and memory. If you have one that is.

Finally, a word of advise. Be aware of Siri!!!


Christmas Eve in pictures

Merry Christmas to you all! I am working for the holidays, but we are going home to Sykkylven on Monday. Forecast shows a hurricane brewing, but hopefully our red eye will go smoothly. Fingers crossed.  Here’s what my eve was like:

Christmas dinner at work

In the booth during the newscast


Smashing nail polish!

Gorgeous necklace!

Yay! I got a new Bryson book, and a knitted white sweater.

Jamie posing in his hoodie

Approaching the season!

Hey, I am always late. Always. But I think I am finally dragging myself into the acceptable zone of Christmas cheer. Have been wrapping some presents tonight that I will give away tomorrow.

Tiny workshop, but at least it has vino!I have a GFF, and a BFF. This is for the latter ❤


For the BFF!

Being silly with friends makes life worth it!


Baby, it's cold outside!

Simon the cookieman and I ❤
 And by the way, tomorrow is LILLE JULAFTEN. A much sought-after Norwegian pre-Christmas Eve tradition. This is usually the day where most families decorate their houses and Christmas trees. It’s only complete when you can watch Grevinnen and Hovmesteren. Oh em gee. It’s lowbrow culture at its worst, but still – so entertaining! And I have been watching this since I was five. Give it a try while you pour yourself a glass of egg nog or glogg, depending on where you are from.

Merry Christmas dear friends. Talk to you soon! Some of you on Skype asap! 😀

What you up to, garlic?

I think my garlic has been sitting in the fridge for too long. It is starting to look a little bit like Wilson from the movie Cast Away.


One week to go

Next Monday Jamie and I will head home to Sykkylven for the rest of the holidays, and celebrate New Year’s there. I’m used to working holidays, I think I have had only two Christmas Eves off since 2006. I don’t mind, really. We choose our careers, and when working in news, you can’t expect it to be a 9 to 5 job. C’est pas possible.

I do prefer to celebrate holidays back home in Norway. In America, it’s all about the consumerism and over-spending and mind-blowing decorations. And come December 26, it’s all over. Back home, we’re just getting started! Christmas to me is about spending time with family and friends, catch up on my reading, eat tons of candy, play board games and go for walks in the snow. And being laaaazy. Not a fan of New Year’s though. I always end up in unpleasant situations…. Yup. That’s me.

So whether you’re working, or enjoying time off – Happy Holidays! 🙂

We miss Ru-dog! And she misses us!

My old neighbor in Springfield.... can you say "tacky"? Plastic fantastic from Walmart.

The Aftermath

We all do it. Well, maybe not everyone. But certainly a lot of people do.

What am I talking about here? Drinking! Partying! Being careless and irresponsible and letting consciousness fade away. Getting bubbly and happy without a worry in the world.

Until the next day. Oops, I did it again. A common mantra when reality hits your hurting head. Hiding underneath the covers won’t repair last night’s damages. Do I have my wallet? Do I have my phone? Going through the pictures on the camera without a recollection of ever having posed. I have got to grow up.

Say it with me – I am never drinking again.