‘Tis the season..again?!

Am I the only one who feels like Christmas is sneaking up on me like a cheetah? I am nowhere ready – mentally nor financially. Besides I am swamped with work and school to even have made one purchase yet. Because that’s what Christmas is ultimately about —> consumerism. Don’t get me wrong, I love this time of year when I get to spend quality time with friends and family and feast on delicious food. It’s just that I have been working for most holidays the past six years, so I am literally out of the loop when it comes to preparing, baking, decorating and bringing on the jolly. I will work this Christmas Eve also, but come December 8, when my finals are over, I will make a small attempt at decking the halls around our apartment too. But I can’t promise any gingerbread men. Although, who knows. I might just surprise myself!

I took a small break from studying to write some Christmas cards. Perhaps YOU are one of the lucky receivers 🙂

Will be mailed tomorrow!
Also… a small attempt at decorating. Just because I love candles and mushrooms!
I also met up with the lovely BFF yesterday for a lunch date at Zupperia.
We both had the  Tom Ka Gai soup, with chicken, noodles, coconut milk and a rainbow of veggies. Delish!
And for dessert we had Espresso Martinis at Contra Bar. Perfection!
Now it’s back to the books. 🙂

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