Randomness for your pleasure

 Ah, yes, surveys can be a pain in the ass when they keep popping up in your feed, but at least this one is on my blog, thus it’s your choice to come here and read it. I don’t have time to blog anything of substance these days, so this will do for now. Perhaps my randomness will amuse you. Or irritate you. Have a nice day! I am off to the library to sink deep into democratic innovations Oh joy.

A- available: no
B- birthday: Dec 11
C- crazy about: puppies!
D- drink you last had: coffee
E- easiest person to talk to: Jamie
F- favorite song: too many! but “Apparitions” by The Raveonettes is currently spinning in my head
G- gummy bears or gummy worms: ick…neither
H- hometown: Sykkylven
I- in love with: J ❤
J- jealous of: nothing and nobody
K- killed someone: only in my mind 😉
L- longest car ride: across the US, but that was a fun one!
M- milkshake flavor: chocolate
N- number of siblings: 0
O- one wish: just one??
P- person who called you last: my mom
Q- question you’re always asked: for some reason people like to ask me all sorts of strange questions…
R- reason to smile: friends and family and pets
S- song you last sang : i think i hummed the Dexter-tune… does that count?
T- time you woke up: time i forced myself out of bed , 9:05
U- unicorns or fairies: both
V- violent moment you had: umm…. last thursday?
W- worst habit: i keep losing stuff
X- x-rays you had: lungs, teeth, back
Z- zodiac sign: Sagittarius

Sasha and I


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