I did it! I wrapped up my comparative politics class on Thursday when I had my finals. I was the SECOND one to leave, I have never, ever left so early before, so that’s either a really good or a really bad thing. Time will show. I did, however, write fast and much, I kept asking for more paper, drank my water and ate my macadamia nuts I had brought for snacks. In the USA, the finals were usually  multiple choice forms, unless it was some kind of creative class. Here, the students show up in a gym, where hired retirees watch you like hawks. Yes, they are old but these people are strict! No jackets or purses allowed nearby, and they follow you to the bathroom. You can hear them BREATHE heavily outside your stall. Creepy. I had one lady with  prosthetic knees follow me, and of course we had to walk up two flights of stairs. Let’s just say the process took a while. And yes, cell phones kept ringing. For some reason, these finals guards never think about shutting of their own, and when their alarm goes off they get all startled. 95 % of them don’t know how to turn it off. Funny.

Anyways, I did my writing and hurried out of there. Freedom!

I took a long nap while Jamie went shopping. He came back with roses, cava and stuff for dinner. I trained him well 🙂

Later we thought it was a good idea to check out the acoustic event going on at our local coffee shop. After two bottles and some beer, we were loud and cheery. I’m not really  sure what we expected, but certainly not what met us. When we opened the door and walked in, it felt as if we crashed someone’s memorial service in a small living room. We apologetically hunched our way to the bar, frightfully ordered a couple of drinks, and tried to sit down as quiet as we could. People were giving us looks that seemed to contain either anticipation or agony, a sort of quiet, desperate plea for help. The singer, Cathy, had a lovely voice and the guitarist was clever, but when, later, a happy fellow came in and were given the same, cold greeting, we felt our time was up. We went to Garage instead, and before we went home we stopped randomly by 7-11 and got chocolate, ice cream, magazines and a movie. Jeez.

Will we ever grow up?


One response to “Finally…..!

  1. Sounds like the most lovely evening! I miss you guys. Congrats on getting through your comps.

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