Approaching the season!

Hey, I am always late. Always. But I think I am finally dragging myself into the acceptable zone of Christmas cheer. Have been wrapping some presents tonight that I will give away tomorrow.

Tiny workshop, but at least it has vino!I have a GFF, and a BFF. This is for the latter ❤


For the BFF!

Being silly with friends makes life worth it!


Baby, it's cold outside!

Simon the cookieman and I ❤
 And by the way, tomorrow is LILLE JULAFTEN. A much sought-after Norwegian pre-Christmas Eve tradition. This is usually the day where most families decorate their houses and Christmas trees. It’s only complete when you can watch Grevinnen and Hovmesteren. Oh em gee. It’s lowbrow culture at its worst, but still – so entertaining! And I have been watching this since I was five. Give it a try while you pour yourself a glass of egg nog or glogg, depending on where you are from.

Merry Christmas dear friends. Talk to you soon! Some of you on Skype asap! 😀

2 responses to “Approaching the season!

  1. Tusen takk for julegaven, BFF 😉 Gleder meg til å åpne den!!! ❤ Tusen takk for suppe også, hehe 😉 LOVE YOU!!!

  2. Hihihi! Har knasket på sjokoladen i dag, nam nam. Håper du liker gaven. Nam, suppe!!! 😀 God jul!! ❤

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