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Gauguin in my heart (and calendar)

I was browsing through the student bookstore to get books for my classes, but when I came across this amazing calendar, I knew I had to have it, too! Paul Gauguin is my favorite artist. If you’re not familiar with art history or with the post-impressionism era, I can tell you that Gauguin was one of the most prominent artists of this movement. The French artist used vivid, bold colors and often portrayed natives in French Polynesia and Tahiti, where he lived for several years. He died there at the age of 54.

Anyways, here’s a look at what’s going to keep track of the days of 2012:


Formspring asks #2

As my blogging challenge continues to boost writing on this piece of shit, I am answering the following question from Formspring today:

Q: Where do you like to hang out with friends? ummm… everywhere! If they are my friends we’ll have a good time no matter what we are doing. Anything from hanging out in PJs and watching a stupid movie to jumping on a random trip somewhere – anything is fun with your true amigos. Some highlights with friends: York with my UiB-buddies (especially the BFF!), backpacking in California, going to the Indigo District, Beppe & Gianni’s with Ally, Portland with Ally and random college-peeps, or just hanging in the dungeon with my GTFF Ally, at home with friends, out at the movies or restaurants, or even at a creepy waiting room somewhere in the 3rd world. I guess the conclusion is: whenever you are with a friend, you are in good company, thus is it as good place. 😀

Fun with friends #10

Because life is a journey and your passport will take you where the fun happens! ❤ Friends and laughter is what makes everything worth it.

My thoughts exactly

Instead of going on a rant, I will just share this

Music Monday: Shannon Curtis


I think I have found my new favorite spot in town, Yr! It’s a classy, yet intimate coffee shop/restaurant tucked away in the pedestrian street called Marken in Bergen. The service is not so good, but the food… is delicious! So I guess you can say it’s worth waiting for the sometimes absent-minded waitresses to notice you. Heidi and I went there a few days ago. Get this – if you order a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows, you don’t get one or two but a whole glass of the white goodness. Score!

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Tired and hungover.. hehehe!

Lessons learned from Facebook

Apparently, Facebook is now an all-knowing platform designed to numb your brain, convince you about what you need to buy, who to hang out with and what information to take in. There is no such thing as “free speech” on FB, at least according to some of its users. If you happen to disagree with someone’s views or issues, don’t you dare to comment on it or engage in discussion. This is defined as BULLYING. I don’t know about you, but when I post links on my page to current events or crazy news – I want to engage my friends, get feedback and hear their opinions. I don’t expect everyone to agree with me, do you? But alas, those who can’t accept that the world is not in unison about everything are not, in my opinion, ready for the daunting tasks of engaging in social media.

But thankfully, there is a simple solution such as “block” or “unfriend”, so that those of us who are adult enough to not take opposing views as being offensive and insulting can carry on.

However, on a sidenote, I should add that the biggest lessons I’ve learned so far are those from my own mistakes. Note to self: NEVER go on Facebook after a night of booze. It’s like faceraping yourself. My apologies to anyone who’s ever gotten a crazy rant consisting of weird punctuation and semantically confusing doo dah. I am sincerely sorry.

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