Pursuit of happiness

My friend was blogging about things that make her happy, and as I was reading it I got inspired, so I’m tagging along as well. Us humans sure are pleasure-oriented, but you know… there is something about feeling good. If we learn to identify what EXACTLY make us happy, it would be easier to pursue it. Wouldn’t you agree? So, in no particular order, here are the things that make ME happy. 😀

1) Being in Oregon.

2) Going to the movies with my man. This activity is of course supplemented by a huge bucket of buttery popcorn and sparkling soda. What better way to escape reality than diving into a piece of good old fiction? Love it.

3) Drinking wine with friends.

4) Being surrounded by animals. Dogs, cats, birds, horses, mice… you name it – I love it.

5) Music.

6) Reading.

7) Breaking the pattern.

8) Looking up at the starry skies while listening to crickets.

9) Writing.

10) The smell of fresh acrylic paint.

Sasha made me happy. I miss her. ❤

Summer skies.

The epitome of happiness.


2 responses to “Pursuit of happiness

  1. YOu make ME happy, yeaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 😀

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