Formspring asks…

OK, so I’m challenging myself to post a little bit (hopefully) every day. Not really sure what topics to choose from, but since I was stupid enough to sign up to Formspring (this is me), I figured I’d answer a stupid question on a daily basis. Who knows, something good might turn out from it. I don’t really have time to sit down and create something awesome from the depth of my inner self all the time (really!), so in order to kick myself in the ass and get this blog on a roll… I start with the following question…

Q: If you’re in the US, are you following the presidential primaries? And if you live outside the US, do you ever pay attention to American politics?
As a permanent resident of the States and the spouse of an Oregonian of course I follow American politics. Not to mention that I also work in news and study political science. I’ve always been interested in the American political arena, and with the primaries going on – you bet I watch closely. In short, I think Mitt Romney will win, although my votes would go to Ron Paul. Paul is something as rare as a GOP candidate with liberal views, and a sound understanding on foreign politics. Not to mention that he does not push his biblical morals into his agenda. All I can say that I am happy that Michele Bachmann decided to bite the dust and return to her domestic chores. Rick Perry, you better be next one to hand in the towel. Jeez, I could go on and on about the primaries now… but alas, my time is up.
So – if you have a question for me – shoot! (Not literally, as I am not a trigger-happy supporter of the 2nd amendment).
POST NOTE: Rick Perry is out! Woot! But crazy Newt Gingrich won the South Carolina primary. Lord help us.

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