I just don’t get it

Blogging challenge continues… a couple of days late, but I just got back from Geilo where I attended a work seminar. TV 2 is the best news network in Norway in case you didn’t notice 😛


1) American football. I really don’t get it. I remember a crazy old lady telling me when I first moved to Eugene that I’d become a Ducks fan. I went to one game. ONE. And kept thinking,  “Is it over yet?” But it went on forever. Now, don’t get my wrong. I have plenty of school pride for the UO, but football? Meh….

2) People who go shopping wearing high heels. It looks glam, of course, but don’t tell me your feet don’t hurt like hell after walking around in platforms all day. I cringe just thinking about it. I have trouble enough trying to master the art of walking elegantly in stilettos at parties. Let’s just say the shoes always come off after x amount of drinks.

3) Girls who “save” themselves for marriage. Apparently your virginity is sacred until the husband comes along to pop it. A gift for whom exactly? Certainly not the girl. The first time really isn’t a memorable one anyways. You’d rather just move on. And why is there no requirement for guys to be untouched? Argh. I hate gender unequality and dislike all the Bible-thumpers spewing hate. Jesus would want you to embrace love and happiness!

4) Why people make reborn  babies. What exactly do you do with them? Cuddle them, “feed” them, take them for a stroll? I fail to see the potential here. If you have lost an infant, that’s beyond horrible, but harboring the loss by being attached to a fake (and creepy) doll suggests you’re more likely to benefit from seeing a shrink and possibly pop some pills.

5) Why some many young people are on welfare. Seemingly healthy ones. It wouldn’t kill you to get a job! If your foot is fucked up – I bet you could use the hands. Norway is actually one of the countries to top the list of the number of people receiving welfare according to the number of citizens. I find that sad. So many elderly are waiting to get into nursing homes, and those who have suffered longtime issues are in the back of the line to receive benefits. Something is seriously wrong with our system. I think everyone should contribute a bit. And I am not saying that to judge people – it’s simply a suggestion to contribute a bit to society. It must feel good to know you are helping out in some way if you’re feeding of the welfare system, right?  Surely an elderly person would be happy to get a visitor to read for them, even for just an hour a week. Or volunteer at the local humane society!


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