Formspring asks #2

As my blogging challenge continues to boost writing on this piece of shit, I am answering the following question from Formspring today:

Q: Where do you like to hang out with friends? ummm… everywhere! If they are my friends we’ll have a good time no matter what we are doing. Anything from hanging out in PJs and watching a stupid movie to jumping on a random trip somewhere – anything is fun with your true amigos. Some highlights with friends: York with my UiB-buddies (especially the BFF!), backpacking in California, going to the Indigo District, Beppe & Gianni’s with Ally, Portland with Ally and random college-peeps, or just hanging in the dungeon with my GTFF Ally, at home with friends, out at the movies or restaurants, or even at a creepy waiting room somewhere in the 3rd world. I guess the conclusion is: whenever you are with a friend, you are in good company, thus is it as good place. 😀


One response to “Formspring asks #2

  1. YORK!!!!! ❤ it 😉 Good times!!! Ikke minst å snike seg inn på utestedet uten billett, haha 😛

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