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A rave about my new faves!

OK guys, so today’s topic is F for FAVORITES! I have picked out a few of my current obsessions for your pleasures.


One Awkward Year – I never thought there could be a person walking on this earth who’s more awkward than I am, but here you go. The whole theme of this blog is awkwardness (= awesomeness), and the author is such a good writer that even Bill Bryson falls short. And THAT takes a lot. Be aware, though, the blog is like crack. You get hooked.

Ennui – a blog by a Swedish journalist. Don’t worry if you don’t know the language, the pictures are a real treat. Cats, second-hand items, vintage, art, great photography… trust me, it will make you float on a pink cloud.

Classic Confusion– cool Canadian chick puts into writing what exists in my own head. I can relate and I love it.


Ole Henriksen Blue/Blackberry Enzyme Mask – Picture an orgasm for your face. Pure delight. And yes, it does give you that O-glow. Perfect for all skin types and gentle enough for frequent use. Extra bonus – it smells of lavish lavender. Ahh….

Billion Dollar Brows Universal Brow Pencil – the one and only shaper AND definer in one. And it suits all colors. I’ve tried everything and this one is a keeper.


Promenade white wine – As if the cover isn’t worth it alone. French and chic… me likey. 

Whole milk – What was that? Yikes? Trust me, fat is the way to go if you want to lose weight. Throw out carbs, bring on the fat.


Mad Men – Gotta love me some Don Draper. Handsome, smart but such a heartbreaker. Can’t wait for the next season.

Californication – A talented yet tormented writer. Alcohol, sex and drugs. Yet another (although fictitious) statement that all great minds suffer from some kind of addiction, or mental issues. Great writing, great acting… and Duchovny looks better than ever.

“Let’s californicate!”

Now talk to me…. what are YOUR favorites?


Fun fun FRIDAY!

Cheers to the freaking weekend! What better way to celebrate the end of a stressful work week and the completion of a papers and other dreadful chores than to crank that wine open and cook and bake! That’s what the BFF and I did! Enchiladas and a half-improved brownie (thanks to a lack of some crucial ingredients) made from scratch (and partly while being cheerfully buzzed)!

A declaration of love

In honor of Valentine’s Day, and the fact that my patient, loving husband and I are celebrating five years of wedded bliss today AND despite that I have to write a paper this very moment, I want to share a little luv. Also because I need a moment of distraction from said paper mainly because my thesis is based on the theory of a book that contains sentences such as, “The two hypotheses about the process of enfranchisement and equalization are easier to test: the succession of electoral laws can be coded on the different dimensions without great violence, and the acceleration production of electoral statistics allow detailed quantitive controls for level of participation and rates of mobilisation.” Right.

That proves my point! Fuck comparative politics. If everyone could just live together in peace and harmony, we wouldn’t need  a territorial approach to centres and peripheries in the first place. At least not in the sense of bloody conquest.

So, make love not war and peace out for now.

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Bergen, heat up already!

Yes, you know I love the silent noise of snow falls during  nights, especially when it leaves our roof covered with something resembling a marshmallow topping. A pretty and serene backdrop for my daily walks to work,  but when that snow turns to slippery reasons that remind us all that either we take precaution, or resort to the easy (All-American way) – looking for potential lawsuits. But perhaps the best advice is to stay inside. That way you won’t hassle with wet socks, leaky shoes, beanies that won’t stick to your head or crooked umbrellas.However,  there are wonderful things that emerge from Bergen darkness, too, so I will show you what it looked like outside your building at 12 am Saturday morning. (As I am posting this, however, it is raining, so my prayers have been heard.)

You’re dancing in the skies now

RIP Whitney Houston, you and your incredible voice will be missed. This was one of my first favorite songs as a child. ❤


Q: What is your dream job?

Well, what is it? I remember when I was a little girl… I dreamed of becoming a hairdresser, a veterinarian or a writer. I suck at cutting hair. Trust me, I can’t even style my own to save my life. I went to hairdressing school, but only lasted a few months. Being a vet is still tempting, but I doubt I’d be a talented surgeon. A writer? Sure. I’ve written everything from novels to short stories to cartoons to to theatre scripts to poems since I was 6.

But my DREAM job?

Tell me yours, and  I will tell you mine.

Music Monday: Flo!

I just can’t get enough of Florence + The Machine these days. The newest album, Ceremonials, is constantly playing. If you haven’t heard it yet, what’s wrong with you? 🙂 I’m in love with the song “Only if for a night.” Magical! ❤