Q: What is your dream job?

Well, what is it? I remember when I was a little girl… I dreamed of becoming a hairdresser, a veterinarian or a writer. I suck at cutting hair. Trust me, I can’t even style my own to save my life. I went to hairdressing school, but only lasted a few months. Being a vet is still tempting, but I doubt I’d be a talented surgeon. A writer? Sure. I’ve written everything from novels to short stories to cartoons to to theatre scripts to poems since I was 6.

But my DREAM job?

Tell me yours, and  I will tell you mine.


One response to “Q: What is your dream job?

  1. My dream job……let’s see………I drink a lot of coffee……..listen to people…….Being a spy would be far too stressful and the unsteady hours would be a problem……..My dream job would be a weather forecaster (where you get paid pretty well just to guess what the weather will be).

    Tag! You’re It!!!

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