A declaration of love

In honor of Valentine’s Day, and the fact that my patient, loving husband and I are celebrating five years of wedded bliss today AND despite that I have to write a paper this very moment, I want to share a little luv. Also because I need a moment of distraction from said paper mainly because my thesis is based on the theory of a book that contains sentences such as, “The two hypotheses about the process of enfranchisement and equalization are easier to test: the succession of electoral laws can be coded on the different dimensions without great violence, and the acceleration production of electoral statistics allow detailed quantitive controls for level of participation and rates of mobilisation.” Right.

That proves my point! Fuck comparative politics. If everyone could just live together in peace and harmony, we wouldn’t need  a territorial approach to centres and peripheries in the first place. At least not in the sense of bloody conquest.

So, make love not war and peace out for now.

image via gamingirresponsibly.com

image via looneytunes09.wordpress.com

image via eleanorputyourbootson.blogspot.com

image via billboard.com


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