Bergen, heat up already!

Yes, you know I love the silent noise of snow falls during  nights, especially when it leaves our roof covered with something resembling a marshmallow topping. A pretty and serene backdrop for my daily walks to work,  but when that snow turns to slippery reasons that remind us all that either we take precaution, or resort to the easy (All-American way) – looking for potential lawsuits. But perhaps the best advice is to stay inside. That way you won’t hassle with wet socks, leaky shoes, beanies that won’t stick to your head or crooked umbrellas.However,  there are wonderful things that emerge from Bergen darkness, too, so I will show you what it looked like outside your building at 12 am Saturday morning. (As I am posting this, however, it is raining, so my prayers have been heard.)


One response to “Bergen, heat up already!

  1. Wow. The winter wonderland pictures are amazing. We haven’t had snow in Tennessee yet this years. Here’s hoping we get a day off from school. Lol.

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