Mighty March!

February is the shortest month of the year, but it sure feels like the longest sometimes. Dark days, cold winds, snow and rain… ick. I want spring to come already! I want to see the trees in their new leaves, feel the sunshine on my pale skin, hear the birds chatter outside and go to bed knowing it will not get dark.

We’re one step closer, though, March has arrived! Soon the streets will be bombarded with the noise of Bergen’s drummer boys marching down the narrow alleys – a joy for old patriots, a nuisance for students and vampires.

But until that cheerful time I have to finish some lofty tasks. That’s why Jamie and I took a quick getaway to Sykkylven, to relax and breathe the fresh mountain air and, of course, to celebrate my mom’s birthday. It’s always nice to be home in the big house – it’s quiet, cosy, has a spectacular view, and it has two snuggly cats. 😀

Other than that… things are pretty much the same. We completed our second application for Jamie’s immigrant visa, so cross your fingers folks. UDI has been heavily criticized in media these days – there are so many families our there that are having just as much difficulty as us trying to fulfill all the requirements. The new law was enforced in January 2010, and because of endless waiting times we are finally NOW seeing all the people who are falling between, the messy results of a useless immigration policy. Hey government, you’re targeting the wrong people! OK, I will stop now before I start venting about Krekar and Bhatti and all the other clowns that have no right to be in this country while children are being separated from their families and shipped away to unknown continents. Ah yes, bureaucracy at its finest.

Alas there is nothing I can do but to protest and vent here on my own blog. However, it’s a beautiful day and I choose to put on my happy face and go out to greet the world. Have a fabulous Saturday!


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