Curves on the cover!

If you, like me, are as tired of seeing the same cloned stick figure on every woman’s magazine – here’ something to break the pattern. Mind you, I have nothing against skinny/thin people, especially the fit ones (I aspire to be lean and mean one day!!), but I am annoyed by how the fashion industry only uses samples that are double 0. Recently Karl Lagerfeld was in the media for apparently saying derogatory remarks against Adele. The thing is, if Adele had been a succesful “fat” MALE singer, nobody would rise an eyebrow. Such double standards. He later apologized, of course, but seriously Karl, have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror? You look like you could use the help of Trinny and Susannah…. or possibly some medication or other forms of therapy.

But I was delighted to see the fabulous Christina Hendricks (Joan in Mad Men) oh this issue’s cover. Can you say stunning? No fake bake, tattooed eye- or lipliner to be spotted there. Give me more of supergirls like her!

My point is…. we are all born in different shapes and sizes. Nobody looks good or feel good about themselves by being obese. But there sure are plenty of those who’d rather starve themselves than the be a size 4. I am not blaming the media here, but I am blaming the fashion industry’s creating of an ideal that is so far out of reach for a great percent of the population. So instead of going back to the 90s heroin chick look or using plain obese models, let’s find a middle ground and praise those people who have talents, a voice, a message or something they want to do to contribute to make a world a better place. But alas… this is fashion… so who are we kidding.


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