The sad state of TV these days

You know the song, Johnny Cash’s “Sunday morning coming down”. Should be the theme song of my life…. at least for the weekends. Kidding. It’s not that bad. But it’s on days like those and days when I am just sick and feeling sorry for myself that I spend hours curled up on the couch flipping through channels because I am just too lazy to stretch out and watch a show on my laptop instead. Truth be told, I rarely watch TV. I work at odd hours, mainly evenings and weekends, so when the regular families gather with popcorn and soda to watch Glee, or in Norway – making tacos and watching The Voice and Skavlan, I am usually at work. Or, if I am not, catching up with friends or studying. Don’t get me wrong, there are shows I am addicted to, but I choose the illegal route and download them. There you go, sue me. But once in a blue moon there I am, under a blanket, remote in hand and glaring at the screen. And what appears in front of my weary eyes is probably more pathetic than my condition. OK, so we have The Talk  (the title says it all, a group of women with Julie Chen in charge chatters about everything from their orgasms to their waxing routines or ongoing trials, where they all hope the outcome is “guilty”. Case in point: The Casey Anthony trial). And then we have Dr. Oz! The miracle doctor who will tell uneducated or just oblivious women what the G-spot is and how they can find it. Oh, the sensation! Applause og cheers to that. I mean, if you need a TV-show to educate you about your sex life then perhaps somebody needs to evaluate the whole “abstinence only-ed”. I keep imagining a newly wed couple in bed, clothes off, looking at each other…. ummm… what now? (Sorry, I just can’t help myself). Then there’s The King of Queens – the worst comedy show of all times, MASH reruns, Oprah, some kind of lame wannabe-interactive show where a really annoying person with bad styling tries to recruit brain dead viewers to call in and enter a contest. To be honest, I don’t get the concept, because I can’t get myself to watch more than five seconds. The state of TV has gone downhill.

To sum it up:


King of Queens

Brothers & Sisters

The Bold and the Beautiful

The Talk

Dr. Oz

The Bachelor

The Real Housewives of whatever trashville they can find

Dr. Phil

Sports! Skiing, soccer, skating….kill me now.

The Drew Carey Show

Judge Judy


Anything bizarre on TLC, like Little Miss America (what’s wrong with you parents?)

Extreme Couponing (amazes me to the point I have no words left)



Travel shows

1000 Ways to Die

Anything on Animal Planet that involves baby animals! ❤

CSI late at night, because it helps me fall asleep

Trinny & Susannah – because they are so forward


Mad Men

The Mentalist



Revenge (guilty pleasure here)

Gossip Girl

Breaking Bad


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