Monthly Archives: April 2012

15: Right now….

* Music  Iron & Wine, The Shins, St. Vincent, Foxes, Magic Wands

* TV Show   Mad Men

* Drink   Bon Aqua lemon

* Food   Banana cream pie cupcakes, shrimp salad on crisp rye bread, green tabasco sauce

* Books    “The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid” by Bill Bryson and “The Scarlet Letter” by Nathaniel Hawthorne

* Activity    Working and sleeping

* What I hope to do next   TRAVEL!!!


14: Some pics of Bergen #2

13: Glimpses of my crib

Disclaimer: This will NEVER be an interior blog as I don’t give a crap about that sort of snobbishness. seriously, almost all houses I’ve been to look the same. White walls, chandeliers, knick-knacks from Kremmerhuset (which I absolutely love but cannot afford) and what have you. No, I am NOT saying mine is better. Mine is like a drunk hippie’s collaborations of random items. Some from Fretex (Salvation Army), other stuff free and some are valued gifts. I just want something that reflects me and my hubs. Still a long way to go, as I really can’t pin point my finger at what’s lacking. But that’s not our main problem now. Anyways, here are a few snapshots of what we call our home. 🙂

If you bring me flowers and wine, you are most def welcome for a tour. 😀

12: Sunshine!

Well, as you can tell from this blog challenge, there is not a whole lotta words coming out of it, but that’s because of the ole’ time crunch. But you should be happy I am not venting and ranting like I always do. Sometimes little snippets of what-have-you are just as good. Today I am happy because SPRING HAS FINALLY COME! I mean, really! Hubby could actually sit out on our little balcony and read without freezing his (erm) balls off….




11: That awkward moment when… #2

When sipping wine in the bathroom at a party and someone snaps a pic of you… looking like you are doing something you are not.

For the record, I was having a very deep convo with the BFF, who also took this pic 😛

So what? Chicks always confide in the bathroom.

10: Meme of the day #2

Again, this is ALSO soooo me. Yes, I am a self-centered bitch that only wants to do what suits me at any given moment. So what?

That's right, biatches!

9: Meme of the day

This is me. In a nutshell.