Breaking the blogging hiatus

What up, world. I’m back for a bit. Since it’s April 1st, I found it a great opportunity to start a 30 day blogging challenge – because if I don’t keep up with it, I can always blame it on being an April Fool’s joke. Hahaha…..

Seriously, I haven’t had the energy to blog. And I mostly blog for my own mental well-being, it’s not like I get paid to do it or that a huge audience expects me to keep submitting a piece several times a day.

In short, I’ve been overwhelmed with everything lately. Studying while working proved harder than I first anticipated, and I found myself with basically no free-time at all. On top of that, we are fighting against the UDI and the Norwegian bureaucracy – a system so messed up I feel like I am losing my marbles. It’s so unfair, and I am really pissed off.

I’m also fighting an inner struggle of whether or not to keep this blog. Maybe I will start a theme blog instead, where I can address issues not necessarily related to myself. There is something horribly narcissistic about writing about yourself, wouldn’t you agree? Not that I have ever spelled out everything per se, but whenever I go on Facebook I am amazed at what people are actually putting out there. Not to mention all the ridiculous blogs on the Norwegian platform that consists of a fake-baked mess of teenage girls and young moms sharing everything from their pregnancy woes, anorexia struggles, underwear colors, toilet habits and what not. Shouldn’t these people be protected against themselves? Why this glorification of being a teenage mom? Somebody please put up ads for birth control or something. What’s happening with our society? The future of this generation looks pretty gloom, if you ask me. Of orange, by judging the color of their St. Tropez-infused skin.

OK. Vent over.


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