11: That awkward moment when… #2

When sipping wine in the bathroom at a party and someone snaps a pic of you… looking like you are doing something you are not.

For the record, I was having a very deep convo with the BFF, who also took this pic 😛

So what? Chicks always confide in the bathroom.


4 responses to “11: That awkward moment when… #2

  1. The contents of the glass look somewhat suspicious now that you mention where you were.

  2. Haha!! Noo, it’s just wine. You know us chicks always need to gather in the bathrooom to do some gossip.

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, legendarisk 😀
    Klart vi må ha bff-chat på do’en – det er tradisjon 😀

  4. JA!!! Det må vi alltid 😀 😀

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