19: “Have ya heard the news?”

Working in news is crazy. For some reason a lot of people think that what appears on the screen in broadcast news just happens magically and don’t think about the process and all the people help make it happen. To point out the obvious, bad writing can really ruin the whole story, but sometimes what’s going on out in the world is so incomprehensible it blows everyone’s mind. I could go on forever, but usually what happens in the newsroom stays in the newsroom 🙂

Anyways. I am off track here. What I really wanted to post was a little snippet from a newspaper in Iowa, dated in 1957. It honestly made my day.

EAST HAMPTON, CONN. (AP) – A search of Lake Pocotopaug for a reported drowning victim was called off here Tuesday when it was realized that one of the volunteers helping the search, Robert Hausmann, 23, of East Hampton, was the person being sought.

– Des Moines Register, 20 September 1957


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