30: Beauty stuff

Ok, it’s been a while since I’ve talked a little pretty ( as opposed to dirty, bwaha… bad joke) with you guys, so my 30th post of this doomed challenge will be about just that.

I’m an avid reader of anything beauty and makeup related. Hey, I am a vain girl after all! I think my fave mags are Allure and British Marie Claire. Norwegian magazines suck, sorry.

Anyways, have you noticed the latest craze in hair brushes? Meet Mr. Pearson. The Mason Pearson brush will cost you, but will supposedly last you a lifetime. Not so sure about this one. My hair is nice and smooth, and I use a cheap brush from the drug store. But hey, if you want to spend your paycheck on a stiff bristle boar brush, I won’t stand in your way. But do tell me if it’s worth it, though!

“I will change you life!”

Next one…. 3D nails! Introducing the Ciaté Caviar Manicure! Oh my! Looks good as contemporary art, but I can imagine those little balls fly off at the least appropriate times… I for one have trouble just keeping a plain manicure, so with all that added glitz I think I would be a health hazard. Just think about all those little items falling into your keyboard at work. Yikes!

The most daring territory I’ll step into when it comes to nail art is simply Deborah Lippmann’s Happy Birthday nail polish. It’s a party in a little bottle! And so, so pretty.

“Let’s party!”

Also buzzing in the bags of makeup artists worldwide is this phenomenal miracle water Bioderma Sensibo H20. Seems like a makeup removal, but judging from enthusiastic models and actresses it also saves lives. In other words, worth a try, perhaps?

I will cure everything.

Adding another item to the bag from the land of baguettes and amour-propre (aw), here’s yet a coveted product – a moisturizer called Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré. I’ve never heard of it until recently, but it’s said to be a favorite among supermodels. Either that or clever advertising.


 We’re staying in France for a little longer, because French skin care is the shit. My mom has been faithful to products from  Yves Rocher  for the past 30 years or so (and it shows!), and lately I’ve become smitten with their self tanning products. Hands down, they’re the only products I’ve ever tested which won’t turn me into an orange zebra or, even worse, an Oompa-Loompa.  I’m also a fan of La Roche-Posay’s cleansing milk. In Norway, you find them at pharmacies. Not sure where they’re located elsewhere, but you can probably order them online. 

Love this one!

Also tested and loved – most anything from Clinique. My recent buy is a foundation that’s supposed to even tone and texture. I have a few dark spots, not including my freckles, and I must say I am happy with the results thus far. I mix it with a dab of Nivea Q10 Tinted Moisturizer to achieve a dewy finish – perfect for summer. Let me tell you guys, Nivea is soo underrated!


Love this….



…together with this!

If you live in the US, I recommend the Revlon Photo Ready foundation. It’s a great bargain and the quality is right up there with MAC and Kanebo. Also, I’ve been an advocate for this one before, but Olay Total Effects with a Touch of Sun!!!!! I love it! Not available in this country, boo, so I always stock up when I am overseas.

Products to stay the hell away from are: Lancome Miracle Teint foundation (gave me a dreadful complexion), Barry M Wink Eye liner (however I do love Barry M’s lipsticks!), Xen tan (unless you want to be an orange zebra!) and most Cover Girl eye shadows.

Now talk to me… which are YOUR faves?


2 responses to “30: Beauty stuff

  1. I use the Bioderma make up remover and it’s pretty amazing:)

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