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The worst part about moving…

is leaving your buddies behind! I am going to miss all my wonderful supporting friends! But there is also a benefit to having two homes in two countries… you can never get tired of either one! And there are always so many opportunities! I feel blessed and very lucky. But oh my, how am I going to miss you guys…. ❤





Wedding attire #2: HELP NEEDED

I’m not sure how many of you whom are reading this actually follow my blog (and get my awkward humour) or know a lot about weddings. I sure don’t. Know lot about weddings, that is. Hubby and I got married at the courthouse and had breakfast with friends at a local diner. He made my bouquet and I bought the dress on sale the day before. No fuss, no dress code, no color scheme or panic attacks. I’ve only been to ONE wedding in my adult life, the fabulous one my babe Heidi had. But now, I haven’t gotten much info on what or what not to wear, so I need help from you fellow bloggers.

OK, so no crocs for me I guess. But can I wear this last season’s color block dress? Umm.. probably not. Even though I don’t give a fuck about what’s hot or what’s not. Except for crocs. They are in their own category.

In my previous post I opted for a comfy green dress with crocs, but Simon refused to come with me if I showed up in that. Those snobby Aussies.

Sorry, mate. You gotta dress up to match this ^^

Anyways, so I dug through my closet and found a dress that I think might be a little more fun and daring. It is one of these three, can you guess which one? And if you don’t wanna guess, but just TELL ME WHAT I SHOULD WEAR instead, I will be very happy. Go on, let the games begin.

Candidate nr. 1

Candidate nr. 2

Candidate nr. 3

Wedding attire… oh my!

It just so happens that our BFF-couple is tying the knot this August. I am freaking STOKED to be there for the happening of the decade. But alas, there are problems looming. I am Norwegian, my husband is an American from hick town Baker City, OR, and the beautiful bride has ties to Nepal whereas the groom desperately holds on to his Polish ancestry. So… there’s the ancestry thing. Should I come all Synnøve Solbakken with blond hair and bunad? Ehhhmm. No. First of all, I am not blond. Second, I gained too much  weight to even fit into my bunad skirt. So what’s a girl to do?

Since Snehata, the gorgeous bride to be, told me I could wear whatever I wanted I decided to take it seriously. How about a comfy green dress with crocs? And also, since Jamie won’t attend, the fabulous Simon Baker offered to keep me company. All I ask.. can it get any better?

He agreed to step in for Jamie on night. His character likes tea, but I suspect he’s a sucker for vodka. Bring it on!

I want to be modest with green and flaunt my crocs. That way Snehata will have all the attention, and hopefully Simon appreciates a nice gesture….

The coolest couple ever. We love you, goofballs!

The Land of the Dead

…. is a movie I think I have to see. Something tells me that by looking at this video collage. And no, I am not necesserily a zombie freak. 😉

Happy bloody Monday!


A fresh start

Wow, you guys. What a rollercoaster ride these past two years have been. I think I hit the low somewhere in May, health issues, career confusion and a bleak outlook on what would come. Let’s just put it this way; things haven’t exactly been easy on Jamie and me since we moved back to Norway. Sure, it has been a thrill to be close to family and friends again. We’ve been on an amazing adventure and I have tried my best to support us both while waiting for an immigration visa for my dear spouse. As of today, it has not yet been approved. If you want the whole story about that procedure, just go to the category UDI to the right. I am fed up with that shit, so I won’t mention it here.

But the thing is…. sometimes hitting rock bottom is the best thing that can happen to you.

James Allen once said,

A man sooner or later discovers that he is the master-gardener of his soul, the director of his life.
Isn’t that wonderful? Don’t sit around waiting for things to happen to you, take control and if the path is rocky, choose a different one, or even jump over those damn rocks. There will always be other options! Always!
So… Jamie and I have decided to take a little detour. We will come back to Norway at some point, but now was just not the time. It wasn’t a waste, trust me, I’ve learned some really valuable lessons I wouldn’t be without ever. I love my country, and I love my family and friends. But I truly believe everything happens for a reason, and I have to follow the arrow to a new direction. It’s bittersweet, yet wonderful. It hurts, but still excites me.
Come August, Jamie and I will be back in the promised land. I won’t mention politics at all in this post, but I still believe in equal opportunities for all where ever they may be. And so far, I have not found them in my own country. But maybe some day.
Until then, wish us luck and follow us on this new journey. It will be fun, awkward, wonderful, weird, strange, crazy and unpredictable. Just like us.

You know what I love? (Music Monday)

I love music. Period. Honest lyrics attract me more than catchy tunes, but sometimes you can have both. My hubby complains that I listen to too much “emo music” (his words). Well, you know, at heart I am a sentimental person, and there is nothing more soothing than drowning your sorrows in a few glasses of wine while shedding tears to Iron & Wine or Death Cab for Cutie.

But seriously. I am not a sobbing feeling-sorry-for-myself creature that walks around in black hoodies hiding myself from the sun. I am a happy go-lucky girl most of the time. But since this post was a hybrid between Music Monday and love/hate things…. here’s the rundown.

I LOVE: friends, iced vanilla latte, friendly faces, new shoes, chocolate, sunshine, green oceans, the fresh smell of morning dew, getting regular letters in the mail instead of e-mails, fun roomies, my parents, animals, traveling, going to the movies, giving presents, impromptu wine dates, making new friends, being random and impulsive, take pictures, paint, write and watch silly TV shows. And Simon Baker. Yes, I love him.

I HATE: Two-faced people. They should be shot, at least in one of their faces… haha. Lack of transparency in work places, being lied to, friends who turn their backs to you in hard times, hollandaise sauce, wasabi (yuck), flaggers, raisins.

What else… oh, I wanted to share this spectacular song from singer-songwriter Regina Spektor. Love her!


Mommy dearest

Look what I found!! An old picture of my mom when she was a teenager. Wasn’t she just the cutest? I love her so much! My dad, too, of course, but I had to post this pic. Love it! ❤