You know what I love? (Music Monday)

I love music. Period. Honest lyrics attract me more than catchy tunes, but sometimes you can have both. My hubby complains that I listen to too much “emo music” (his words). Well, you know, at heart I am a sentimental person, and there is nothing more soothing than drowning your sorrows in a few glasses of wine while shedding tears to Iron & Wine or Death Cab for Cutie.

But seriously. I am not a sobbing feeling-sorry-for-myself creature that walks around in black hoodies hiding myself from the sun. I am a happy go-lucky girl most of the time. But since this post was a hybrid between Music Monday and love/hate things…. here’s the rundown.

I LOVE: friends, iced vanilla latte, friendly faces, new shoes, chocolate, sunshine, green oceans, the fresh smell of morning dew, getting regular letters in the mail instead of e-mails, fun roomies, my parents, animals, traveling, going to the movies, giving presents, impromptu wine dates, making new friends, being random and impulsive, take pictures, paint, write and watch silly TV shows. And Simon Baker. Yes, I love him.

I HATE: Two-faced people. They should be shot, at least in one of their faces… haha. Lack of transparency in work places, being lied to, friends who turn their backs to you in hard times, hollandaise sauce, wasabi (yuck), flaggers, raisins.

What else… oh, I wanted to share this spectacular song from singer-songwriter Regina Spektor. Love her!



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