Wedding attire… oh my!

It just so happens that our BFF-couple is tying the knot this August. I am freaking STOKED to be there for the happening of the decade. But alas, there are problems looming. I am Norwegian, my husband is an American from hick town Baker City, OR, and the beautiful bride has ties to Nepal whereas the groom desperately holds on to his Polish ancestry. So… there’s the ancestry thing. Should I come all Synnøve Solbakken with blond hair and bunad? Ehhhmm. No. First of all, I am not blond. Second, I gained too much  weight to even fit into my bunad skirt. So what’s a girl to do?

Since Snehata, the gorgeous bride to be, told me I could wear whatever I wanted I decided to take it seriously. How about a comfy green dress with crocs? And also, since Jamie won’t attend, the fabulous Simon Baker offered to keep me company. All I ask.. can it get any better?

He agreed to step in for Jamie on night. His character likes tea, but I suspect he’s a sucker for vodka. Bring it on!

I want to be modest with green and flaunt my crocs. That way Snehata will have all the attention, and hopefully Simon appreciates a nice gesture….

The coolest couple ever. We love you, goofballs!


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