Wedding attire #2: HELP NEEDED

I’m not sure how many of you whom are reading this actually follow my blog (and get my awkward humour) or know a lot about weddings. I sure don’t. Know lot about weddings, that is. Hubby and I got married at the courthouse and had breakfast with friends at a local diner. He made my bouquet and I bought the dress on sale the day before. No fuss, no dress code, no color scheme or panic attacks. I’ve only been to ONE wedding in my adult life, the fabulous one my babe Heidi had. But now, I haven’t gotten much info on what or what not to wear, so I need help from you fellow bloggers.

OK, so no crocs for me I guess. But can I wear this last season’s color block dress? Umm.. probably not. Even though I don’t give a fuck about what’s hot or what’s not. Except for crocs. They are in their own category.

In my previous post I opted for a comfy green dress with crocs, but Simon refused to come with me if I showed up in that. Those snobby Aussies.

Sorry, mate. You gotta dress up to match this ^^

Anyways, so I dug through my closet and found a dress that I think might be a little more fun and daring. It is one of these three, can you guess which one? And if you don’t wanna guess, but just TELL ME WHAT I SHOULD WEAR instead, I will be very happy. Go on, let the games begin.

Candidate nr. 1

Candidate nr. 2

Candidate nr. 3


2 responses to “Wedding attire #2: HELP NEEDED

  1. I like number 2! Classy & gorgeous!

  2. Yes, but it doesn’t look so good on me.. haha. I am actually wearing no 3. That was Simon’s favorite! 😉

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