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The paperwork NEVER ends

Oh, the irony. I can’t remember if I’ve written this before or not, my blogging these days is anything but punctual. However, to make a long story short – the day after I set my wobbly feet back on US soil I got a letter from our attorney. Jamie had been granted his Norwegian visa. Earth, please: shake, crack and spit me, for I can take no more. Let me remind you, we struggled for two freaking years to get that decision. We thought all hope was lost, not literally, but for the time being, and we needed a change. So I quit my job, sold our furniture, moved the rest of our belongings back to mom and dad, and decided to head west once again. Tada! And then, THEN, on the other side of the world, sans jobs and a crib, Norway decided they wanted us after all. Well, tough shit.

We’ll go back one day, of course. But right now, we’re back to scratch, filling out the paperwork for the alien (that would be me). And some of the questions I need to answer YES or No to, sound like these,

“Do you intend to engage in the United States in espionage?”

“Have you ever ordered, incited, called for, committed, assisted, helped with, or otherwise participated in …. acts involving torture or genocide?”

Why, yes. Is that going to be a problem? Kidding.

Jokes aside, I’m looking forward to the day Jamie and I can live “normally” (what’s normal, anyways?) without having to file applications and applications in order to live like a married couple on the same continent without some bizarre deadline looming.

On the other side of the world

Right now, my best friends are partying it up in Anette’s new apartment. Oh, how I wish I was there with them! The hardest part about chasing down new adventures on the other side of the world.. is being away from family and friends. I miss them so much! I stole this Instagram pic from Heidi… hehehe. Don’t they look fab? Love you girls!!!

Favorite song of the moment

Top 3 Songs

Aight, folks. Here are my top three picks for the first week of September!


How EMO is my taste in music? Oh no, don’t diss. I freaking love mellow tunes. They reflect who I am.

Whoa! Am I behind?

OK, so let’s get this straight… I don’t have an iPAD… so I can’t do Hipstagram… Hell, I don’t even have a decent camera to do freaking Instagram or whatever. And, that’s right… I don’t have an iPHONE. I have a TRACK PHONE from Wal Mart! You know why? Because I believe in being thrifty for the moment, and my career is going well enough without me having to oblige to the latest tech crazes. It never ceases to amuse me how people without a freaking job have the latest gadgets, and always try to keep up appearances via social media like they’re freaking kings…. I mean, if you have no money, or no ambitions, who’s paying for your electronic sausage fest? I hope I’m not! I’m a hard-working individual living on a cheap ass track phone, for crying out loud.

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Humble as pie

Just a few words from me on this Labor Day…. I’m grateful. No, I know this is not Thanksgiving, I’m merely saying that I am thankful. Thankful that I once  again was granted the opportunity to travel across the world, to live and work somewhere completely different from where I was born and raised. It’s a very peculiar situation that moment you realize just how different those two worlds are. Far away from a rich society where everything is about buying and showing off to one where the economy is in the gutter, and the ever-so-friendly clerk at the grocery store smiles while he bags your groceries for you, even though he couldn’t afford to take the weekend off to do something fun, because he just didn’t have enough money to make the bus trip to Eugene, even if it was “only” two dollars and 50 cents.