Whoa! Am I behind?

OK, so let’s get this straight… I don’t have an iPAD… so I can’t do Hipstagram… Hell, I don’t even have a decent camera to do freaking Instagram or whatever. And, that’s right… I don’t have an iPHONE. I have a TRACK PHONE from Wal Mart! You know why? Because I believe in being thrifty for the moment, and my career is going well enough without me having to oblige to the latest tech crazes. It never ceases to amuse me how people without a freaking job have the latest gadgets, and always try to keep up appearances via social media like they’re freaking kings…. I mean, if you have no money, or no ambitions, who’s paying for your electronic sausage fest? I hope I’m not! I’m a hard-working individual living on a cheap ass track phone, for crying out loud.

image via seshamo.com


One response to “Whoa! Am I behind?

  1. lol! I hear you! I have a smartphone but it’s not an IPhone. I was once told I need to get a better phone because I had a nice car…really?

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