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TV shows I’m watching this fall

Hey hey readers!

Fear not, for I have not forgotten about you. I have just been too busy to keep up with my fabulous blog, and for that I am truly sorry. But, what better way to make amends than dishing about some juicy entertainment? May I present to you the awesome TV shows I have claimed as mine this fall.

Well, duh. Of course I have to keep up with America’s favorite blood spatter guy. Even though I am not as smitten as I was during this show’s first seasons, I have to be a trooper and stay tuned for whatever clever brother/sister drama the producers have up their sleeve after the “shocking” reveal of Dexter’s dark passenger before his sister. Whoops.

Well, hello there, prime time soap opera drama! At first I just watched this show because I had nothing better to do… But then it grew on me! Now I just can’t get enough of Madeleine Stowe’s smirks and “smiles” amidst a boiling menage a trois featuring Jack, Emily and Fauxmanda. Steamy! I’m not too keen on the boring subplot involving Jack, Declan and this  creepy money-wanting guy, but something’s gotta give. I’m committed to at last one more season. Just so I can see that Jennifer Jason-Leigh’s character is not a completely waste.

Oh well. I gotta admit. At first I HATED this show, but  this also grew on me. Nevermind the pseudo Deutsch and the wannabe Grimm-trivia, the show’s spine is the Northwest connection. Hello Portland!! The haunting Oregon woods and its too familiar suburbs and characters are what pull me in. I’ll be watching this for a long time 😉

So I’m a sucker for strong female leads, but when it’s Krysten Ritter (from Breaking Bad)?? I don’t even need to keep up with the plot, sign me up! Dreama Walker is, in my opinion, miscast for Ritter’s roommate, although I can buy her innocent, cupcake baking character when I’m tipsy on wine. I mean, anyone can play her roommate, just bring someone with a less annoying face – thank you. And yes, James Van Der Beek, you can stay. I’ve never cared much for Dawson’s Creek, but since you were a part of a so-called  institution during the 90s, I get it! I like the show, I like the badassery. Keep it up.


Let’s all do one thing in the name of charity!

Hey folks!

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, but I’ve been a little busy with a very cute project, CALLIE!  She’s a young dog that’s basically grown up in a shelter, and we are taking her in as “foster parents” to train her and to see how she’ll do in a home. It’s a lot of work, but oh so rewarding. If we can help out just the slightest bit so she can get to her forever home, I’m thankful.

She’s been here exactly seven hours now, and she seems to be doing OK. She’s a little bit stressed of course, and a tad naughty as puppies should be 🙂 but she’s so smart and an avid learner that teaching her is a joy. She’s just a pure sweet heart!

Here she is in her new bed:

I’m up for adoption, and I’m a true gem!

A quick snack for the hungry and grumpy

Last night I was too busy doing paperwork to make dinner, and my dear hubby didn’t take my grunts as hints for “get your ass in the kitchen and make your woman a steak”, so I succumbed and peeked into the fridge. Not much to choose from, but that’s the time to get creative.

I sliced up some bacon that I fried in oil. Then I added minced garlic and some onion, which I let simmer. Then I tossed in some sliced mushrooms, baby corn, bean sprouts, broccoli and cauliflower. Give it all a good dash of salt, pepper, crushed red pepper and paprika, and voila! A perfect seemingly healthy snack. Even Jamie agreed it was perfection. I mean, it’s so easy I don’t need to add a recipe here, you can figure it out. If you don’t want bacon, use something else, like fauxbacon or that Morning Star stuff, which is really yummy! 😀

Bob apetit!


Since we’re already on the topic of aesthetic enhancement, I’d like to give my two cents about Rimmel London’s Lasting Lipstick in 124 Bordeaux. This color is HOT HOT HOT for fall, but can I get away with it? I prefer a natural look for daytime, as I prefer to emphasize my eyes. Easy, no fuss. But for date nights or evenings out with the girls I love to change it up a little. I just bought this lipstick yesterday, and since I am lacking a decent camera my crappy “YouCam” will have to do. I think I look a little pale, but I do like the color. Just wish I had bigger lips, but hell no – I will never resort to restylane or any other fillers. I’m happy with what God gave me even though I curse it sometimes 😉

I could be in The X-Files with this look. Mulder, call me!













Rimmel Lipstick 124

Panda bear and orgasm…!

Haaa! Nooo! It’s not what you think, but what a smart way to put those words in the same sentence…. hehehehe. I am talking about NARS The Multiple in Orgasm, you know, the buzzed-about beauty product that every make-up artist and model have in their purses at any given time. So yeah, I’m a sucker for blush so I got it. I like it, but it’s very subtle. My face is flat like a pancake, so I need heavy contouring in order to even look like I’m actually 3D. But it’s nice on lips and lids.

And about that panda….. *swoon*. I spotted this wallet at Target and just had to have it. So much more convenient when running errands or going out on the town that carry that big bag of cards and coins. Love this thing.

Happy (kissing) Tuesday!

I’m excited! Today we are turning in all of the necessary paperwork for my I-485 application, so that my life can FINALLY start again. Also, I’m in the process of getting to foster a dog from the local humane society. Since I’m not in a position to permanently commit to a furry friend – helping out this way is the least I can do. I can’t wait to hike the gorgeous trails around here with a canine companion while watching the trees turn every shade of red and gold.

Here’s a kiss to make your Tuesday a fabulous one 😀

Happy Monday!

How are you all doing this fine, rainy fall Monday? I’ve been sick, so I’m mostly in bed commanding my husband to get me soup, pizza, drinks, whatever. Poor man. I swear I’ll be better to morrow.

I’ve been amusing myself with two wigs. Hey, what else is there to do when you are feeling down in the gutter?

So, red or blue? Holla!