Panda bear and orgasm…!

Haaa! Nooo! It’s not what you think, but what a smart way to put those words in the same sentence…. hehehehe. I am talking about NARS The Multiple in Orgasm, you know, the buzzed-about beauty product that every make-up artist and model have in their purses at any given time. So yeah, I’m a sucker for blush so I got it. I like it, but it’s very subtle. My face is flat like a pancake, so I need heavy contouring in order to even look like I’m actually 3D. But it’s nice on lips and lids.

And about that panda….. *swoon*. I spotted this wallet at Target and just had to have it. So much more convenient when running errands or going out on the town that carry that big bag of cards and coins. Love this thing.


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