TV shows I’m watching this fall

Hey hey readers!

Fear not, for I have not forgotten about you. I have just been too busy to keep up with my fabulous blog, and for that I am truly sorry. But, what better way to make amends than dishing about some juicy entertainment? May I present to you the awesome TV shows I have claimed as mine this fall.

Well, duh. Of course I have to keep up with America’s favorite blood spatter guy. Even though I am not as smitten as I was during this show’s first seasons, I have to be a trooper and stay tuned for whatever clever brother/sister drama the producers have up their sleeve after the “shocking” reveal of Dexter’s dark passenger before his sister. Whoops.

Well, hello there, prime time soap opera drama! At first I just watched this show because I had nothing better to do… But then it grew on me! Now I just can’t get enough of Madeleine Stowe’s smirks and “smiles” amidst a boiling menage a trois featuring Jack, Emily and Fauxmanda. Steamy! I’m not too keen on the boring subplot involving Jack, Declan and this  creepy money-wanting guy, but something’s gotta give. I’m committed to at last one more season. Just so I can see that Jennifer Jason-Leigh’s character is not a completely waste.

Oh well. I gotta admit. At first I HATED this show, but  this also grew on me. Nevermind the pseudo Deutsch and the wannabe Grimm-trivia, the show’s spine is the Northwest connection. Hello Portland!! The haunting Oregon woods and its too familiar suburbs and characters are what pull me in. I’ll be watching this for a long time 😉

So I’m a sucker for strong female leads, but when it’s Krysten Ritter (from Breaking Bad)?? I don’t even need to keep up with the plot, sign me up! Dreama Walker is, in my opinion, miscast for Ritter’s roommate, although I can buy her innocent, cupcake baking character when I’m tipsy on wine. I mean, anyone can play her roommate, just bring someone with a less annoying face – thank you. And yes, James Van Der Beek, you can stay. I’ve never cared much for Dawson’s Creek, but since you were a part of a so-called  institution during the 90s, I get it! I like the show, I like the badassery. Keep it up.


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