Hi from my hiatus

Holy crap! It’s DECEMBER already!! I almost cannot believe it! That is, if it weren’t for all the flashy lights and tacky holiday balloons decorating this neighborhood. So much for sustainable energy, folks! Tell that to the guy in ammo gear setting up his umpteenth inflatable music-playing reindeer on his lawn. Callie is scared of these spectacles as she should be.

As you probably have noticed I have lacked big time with my blogging lately. Without going into details, lemme just say that I have been busy trying to sort out a few immigration dilemmas. Nothing too major, it’s just one of many humps in the road for a two-country resident.

Meanwhile, I am still enjoying the quirks of small-town America accompanied by Calllie, my amazing foster dog. She is the apple of my eye these days. And yes, she is still up for adoption, so I hope a kind and gentle soul will be opening his or her home for this awesome canine in due time for the holidays.

If you’ll all excuse me, I have a glass of bubbly with my name on it and an episode of Revenge in my queue. (Although I think the show has gone downhill this season, I still watch it for Conrad. And Victoria. And EMILY!)

PS: I am OBSESSED with hats lately. More than ever. Also worth mentioning; BB cream, Clinique Almost lipstick in Black Honey, Ciaté, flirting with young clerks at the grocery store, listening to NPR, cuddling up by the fire, avoiding anything Honey Boo-Boo, the Kardashians and Taylor Swift, revisiting Norwegian folklore and eating noodles. Lots of noodles. Top ramen is highly underappreciated.

Perfect for bad hairdays!

Perfect for bad hairdays!


4 responses to “Hi from my hiatus

  1. Revenge HAS gone downhill but damn if I can’t quit. I am so bored with the bar plotline. Give me more Victoria and less Declan and Daniel. Though I AM enjoying Emily’s new hunky Brit revenge partner.
    And cute hat!

    • OMG, yes. I hate the bar sub-plot so much, it’s just a big yawn. And I don’t really care about the whole NoleCorp either. I like Nolan, but more as a happy helper. And I want to know what’s up with Conrad and Ashley!!

      • OMG I know!!! I still haven’t watched the newest episode yet, I have to watch tonight! And I miss Nolan as the sassy sidekick too. It’s getting so complicated with all of the nefarious organization stuff. I can’t keep anything straight!

  2. YES to hats and listening to NPR! 🙂

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