Things I’ve done today (which I’m sure you don’t really care about)

Hey, they don’t call it a blog for nothing, right? So to indulge my followers ( I seriously adore you all), I will bring you this incredibly interesting play-by-play of what I did today. Why not? If anything, it will give myself something to look at when I am 80 and when I refuse to do anything that includes knitting and such. Oh, and for that blog challenge that I started earlier… it was so boring. But I might pick it up again after a few beers/wines/bum juices. Anyways, here is what I did today: * Did laundry at St. Vinnie’s. We’re not supposed to wash pet blankets there, but what the hell? Animals are family members too, and I’d be damned if they have to sleep on slimy, puke-infused fabric. Oh hell to the N-O. * Purchased another few gifts. Dear friends, you will probably get some vintage items this year, but who doesn’t love that??? They are pretty awesome, I kid you not. * Cleaned around the house, took a nap, had an afternoon beer and tried to take “instagram like” photos with my crappy phone when we got a visitor. Yay! I love visitors, because we live out in the woods and the people here are those who are paranoid about their 2nd amendment rights while keeping their phone handy in case they see someone resembling the fedora and coat wearing dude displayed on the Neighborhood Watch sign. Unless you wear camouflage here, you’re a “suspicious person” up to no good. * Took another nap, then  wrapped some presents. Had hubby make dinner and drank some beer while we watched “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.” All in all a decent day.

Our 2,50 tree from the local St. Vinnie's. Yay!

Our 2,50 tree from the local St. Vinnie’s. Yay!

Oh, and for the record – this blog post was written as an homage to Hemingway, who encouraged writers to “write drunk and edit sober”. Haven’t gotten to the editing part yet.


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