These 2012 entertainment moments had everyone talking

When Megan sang Zou Bisou Bisou to an obviously uncomfortable Don. Instant CLASSIC!
Also, the show generated inspirations to thousands, and some fans made quite the memorable art work, like this one. I want it framed and hung on my wall!

found here

found here

* Back to TV-land. How sad was this scene when Sammy, the dog Emily/Amanda had loved since she was just a toddler died? My eyes bawled for hours. Yes, Sammy HAD been in he dreamy Jack Porter care, but alas – how could mr. Porter be oblivious when to comes to doggie lingo? Oh well. The episode was the epitome of tristesse.

When we found out at that there were at LEAST two As working together against Hannah, Aria, Spencer and Emily! Ok, plot holes asides… I love this show because it’s grabbing each straws to make it as creepy as possible. And that freaking kid down in that doll store? Scared the shit out of me”

* “Gossip Girl here, your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite.” Wait a minute! Gossip Girl?”  Better make that…..


* Oh, the never-ending babybump watch, which I personally find YAAAAAAAAAAWN, but now it seems Duchess Kate is preggers, Jessica is having number two, Jen Aniston is pregnant for the umpteenth time according to “serious” newsoutles.

* Anne Hathaway’s do for Les Mes! And girl can carry it, too! Just look at this adores cover for Glamour magazine! I heart it!



Now I can’t wait for the movie!! I am one of those nerdy people who was persuaded to take a flu shot and have thus been more dead than alive the entier holiday season. No glitz and glam, no family dinner, no nothing. Not even movie dates!! Grrr! I hereby start 2013 with a freaking B A M!

Other moments:

Miley chopped her hair off!

Miley chopped her hair off!

Gabby Douglas won two gold medals under the 2012 summer olympics!

Gabby Douglas won two gold medals under the 2012 summer olympics!

Not worth mentioning: Kanye and Kim, self-Twittering, David Petreaeus, Todd Akin, Donald Trump, Tyra Banks, TomKat.

Got anything to share? Shout it out!


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