The “heart symbol” should be sufficient for this post, but it’s not

OK, you guys!!! Do you even know how much Mulholland Drive means to me? I mean, David Lynch is THE MAN! Ever since Twin Peaks I’ve been obsessed with this psycho-alternative universe he’s got going on. And I’ve even had the pleasure of meeting this genius; do not be fooled. He is not some fruit basket in a world of veggies, this man is a master mind and the joke is on you if you don’t get it. So – I’m ready to discuss all my theories on the wonder that is MD, but even if you’re not a fan, how can you not be seduced by this scene… (I hate myself for even bringing this up, but we live in a tabloid-hungry society where every mag has Jen Aniston’s mug on it, and in this scene, her beau, Justin Theroux is the director.) Eat your heart out, suckas! Or indulge, if you’re into film noir and its sub-genres.



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