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Music Monday: The Killers

It’s no surprise that I’ve been a longtime fan of The Killers. This is not a new song, but it fits my mood tonight.



I so want to try this!

A Farmer In The Dell


When the highlight of your day is reading an appropriate temperature on your greenhouse thermometer I think you can officially call yourself a loser  farmer.


Not only is our greenhouse temperature doing well (although we are due for some REALLY cold nights coming up) but life at the farm is going smoothly. We aren’t totally busy yet, (we have about 2 more weeks before things get crazy) so we are enjoying this slow time. Our days have consisted of a little weeding in our garlic patch followed by some minor rock removal in the fields. And of course, a quick trip to the local bar after work is a must. Nothing like a cold beer to ease sore muscles.


Our evenings have been spent eating dinner together and then obsessively checking on the greenhouse temperature.  It’s hard to tell if our seedlings are doing well yet, but if unconditional love…

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Some photos from home

This is Sykkylven, Norway, where I grew up. I love coming home and just enjoy being lazy. It’s really peaceful here 🙂

The view from our kitchen window.

The view from our kitchen window.

We don't drive, we use the spark!

We don’t drive, we use the spark!

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But… in other news, who’s excited about the Oscars?!?!?!?! I am!! But since I’m on the other side of the globe, I have to stay up all night to watch it. As much as I love me some glitz and glam and movie appreciations, I’m not sure if I’m willing to sacrifice a good night’s sleep. We’ll see. Anyhow, my votes go to: Best picture – Lincoln, Best leading actor – Daniel Day-Lewis, Best leading actress – Jennifer Lawrence, Best supporting actor – Christoph Waltz, Best supporting actress – Anne Hathaway, Best writing/screenplay directly to the screen – Quentin Tarantino, Best foreign film – Amour, Best soundtrack – ADELE for Skyfall!!!! ❤



Aussie hottie and the star of “The Mentalist” Simon Baker finally got his star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame! I should have been there as his sassy sidekick, but ya know I’m busy with other things, so Naomi Watts stepped in.

Congrats!!!!  ❤



Midwest Texan


Once in a while, a popular word will snowball into a state of such broad explanatory use that thoughtful people must either whittle it down to a more definite size or call for its utter dissolution.  This is the present state of hipster, a term wielded with equal frequency as a fashion, a movement, a demographic, and even an insult.

In 2008, Adbusters ran an article with a title that is, to date, still the only title to successfully convince me to read Adbusters.  It was called “Hipster: The Dead End of Western Civilization.”  This article came at just the right time with just the right dose of acid to make it one of the most important pieces of social journalism of our time.  In it Douglas Haddow defined “hipsterdom” as an ugly and regrettable mutation of Western counterculture.  Its chameleonic quality–wearing the symbols of  countercultural…

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Retro Riddle #2

Not a great turnout for my last RR post… I guess either my blog is super boring or none of you care to solve a puzzle. Jeez, people. Use your little nuggets! Well, last time I was the Dodgers Stadium in LA. This time, different country, different continent, different setting. So, amuse me if you please. Where am I here?