Reunited at last!

I had a much-needed reunion with the best of the best this weekend. Despite the worst jet lag of my life, I braced the freezing cold and rode the nine-hour long bus ride on icy roads to Bergen to see my friends. Bless them, because I have missed them like crazy. I don’t think I’d risk my life on Norway’s worst roads  (the video shows the road in the summer, imagine a snows storm, tons of cars and you get the picture) for anyone else. Trust me, it’s like riding  a tuk-tuk on top of the Chinese wall or something. Or at least that’s what it feels like to me. Anyways, the scenery IS stunning, so I guess it’s worth the narrow, winding roads and endless tunnels.


I stayed with Heidi, who’s hands down the best host ever!! Who else gets up at the crack of dawn to serve me fresh rolls, boiled eggs, coffee and an assortment of cheeses and condiments for breakfast? I love you! We always laugh so much when we’re together that my stomach still hurts. And no taxi driver can stand us after a few glasses of wine. They’ll drop us off blocks before our destination. Oh well, no tip for you suckas!


We met the other girls at Anja’s for a clothes exchange party. So much fun! Basically we all need to clean out our wardrobe every now and then, but instead of throwing it away or donating to a thrift store, we swapped with each other. The lucky ones got “Chanel” bags and timeless blazers, while the rest of us made hasty decisions in a wine-fueled haze that left us with either too small or too big garments, something to ponder about the next morning with a hangover. Good times!




The hostess with the mostess, and the pile of clothes!

The hostess with the mostess, and the pile of clothes!


2 responses to “Reunited at last!

  1. Åååååh, får tårer i øynene, søteste du!!!!! ❤ Såååååå godt å se deg igjen, og savner deg allerede uendelig masse!!!!! Fantastisk gøy å ha besøk av deg – gøyeste gjesten EVER 😉 HAHAHAHA, har fortsatt gangsperre i magen – MORSOMSTE HELGEN!!!!!! ❤ Hihihi 😉 LOOOOOVE YOOOOOOOOOOU ❤

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