Music Monday: Madi Diaz

This song gives me the sniffles! Especially when alone and reminiscing a lost love or missing someone you care about. That, or just enjoy the music. Heck, no need to get all melodramatic here! I will try to blog more in a bit, I have some amazing drafts ready to tweak and publish, but in the mean time… Keep calm and sip some wine! Oh, and I am OFFICIALLY job hunting with a big “H”. Yay! Got something for me? Kidding. Like I would ever seriously consider an offer from a potential employer crazy enough to visit this site… or perhaps? Anyways, here is the song.

Ciao for now!



2 responses to “Music Monday: Madi Diaz

  1. I have never heard of her, but she rocks! Definitely getting some of that on my MP3 player! Thanks!

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