Retro Riddle #2

Not a great turnout for my last RR post… I guess either my blog is super boring or none of you care to solve a puzzle. Jeez, people. Use your little nuggets! Well, last time I was the Dodgers Stadium in LA. This time, different country, different continent, different setting. So, amuse me if you please. Where am I here?



3 responses to “Retro Riddle #2

  1. Kypros 🙂 SAVNER DEG!!!!! Looooove yooooou ❤

  2. Catching up on your blog and I’ll totally play this game! You are at some kind of ruin…Greece? Am I close? You look cute wherever you are!

  3. Heidi – almost! Since Cyprus is both Greek and Turkish, HOWEVER, I was on the mainland! This is in Delfi, Greece. So yay, Liz 😀

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