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Music Monday: The PETODY edition!

Let me just start off by saying: BOOKMARK THIS! You will need it when you need a break, need a laugh, or just want to shut out everything else. I just recently stumbled upon the genius that is The Pet Collective, a YouTube channel owned by Freemantle Media, which features everything PETS! Could it be more awesome? I think not. I’m just in love with Ruffhanna, the dobie channeling her inner Rihanna. Just take a look at these videos, you will never regret it.

Also, check out this “behind the scenes” video:


OK, moving on. Here is Pawdele barking out her “Digging in the Deep”.

And.. introducing Corgi Rae!

Dexter fans, check this out:

HAHAHA, I D I E !!!!!!!

And here is One Directon…eerrr..excuse me, I meant Pup Direction:

And… (finally, for this post at least) The Fresh Pup of Bel Air!


Consider me grounded

Sunday in Norway. Do you know what that means? In a cultural and social context? It means, “get your lazy ass off the couch, put on your mountain boots/hiking shoes/skis/whatever and have a date with Mother Nature in all its glory”!

I’m from a small town that’s just absolutely gorgeous. Every day I’m met with a stunning view of snow-covered mountain tops and I love it. I mean, I love looking at it. I’ve just  never felt the need to climb them. Actually, I’ve never felt the need to be outdoors at all – a huge disappointment to my sporty mom. What gives?

When I was a small child, I was terrified of flies. FLIES! We’re not talking bees or rattle snakes or bears. Buzzing flies. I was also scared of pine cones. Don’t laugh! It was actually so bad that my dad had to carry me whenever they tried to evoke in me a sense of belonging to nature. I just lack that gene. I seriously do.

I think the sun stresses the heck out of Norwegians. It’s like they just HAVE to get outside no matter what. I suspect I’m part alien since I’ve always preferred sitting on my ass reading or writing instead. I find walking or hiking to be…. boring. Unless I have a dog with me (because animals change everything!), I can do without.

Poster child for the Norwegian mental/sporty state. Image.

Poster child for the Norwegian mental/sporty state. Image.

The folks around here use Facebook as a tool to compete with each other. Where they’ve been, which mountains they’ve climbed or how they survived a snow storm up on Mount Whatever. To me this is a big yawn, but trust me – it’s huge here. Huge! No Sunday brunches, matinés, going out for breakfast or a lazy stroll in the park.

I probably sound like the laziest person on the planet (and I probably am!), but I prefer group exercise like aerobics or dancing to get in shape and burn calories. Grasping for air atop a peak is just not appealing to me, especially since I’m super clumsy and prone to fall even on a straight paved road.

But give me a dog and I’ll happily walk all day. There is just something about the presence of a happy dog that makes even Mount Everest seem like a fun, spontaneous thing to do on a gloomy Sunday morning. Walking with people… meh.


Y’all can climb all the cliffs you want, I’m content with a cup of Chai tea and a book while occasionally looking out the window.

Happy Sunday!

Hmmm…… or should I say, “OH MY EYES”!

There might be something wrong with me. Last Sunday I could barely finish watching the latest episode of “The Mentalist”. Am I losing interest? Or is the show getting worse? I just want the writers to get on with the RED JOHN storyline, for crying out loud. Not even Simon Baker could keep my eyes open, and that’s a sign of serious illness, at least for me. AND, Mr. Baker is also Givenchy’s face for their new fragrance titled Gentlemen Only. I don’t know what’s more painful, reading Simon’s (probably) forced enthusiasm on manly style or his explaining his views on metrosexuality. Hey, if your face is on TV, you better get in the game. That’s just how it is. And he’s trying to be patient, I can tell. But for the love of everything that is holy and mentally stable, please, let this NOT be the actual photo for the ad. Please. 

Oh gee. What have they done to the man? Image via Marie Claire.

Oh gee. What have they done to the man? Image via Marie Claire.

Tasty (music) Tuesday: Mazzy Star

Do they even need an intro? Well, if so, I think, “The band that has proven the most fruitful addendum to my wannabe a folksy singer”, which sadly, ain’t gonna happen. But hey, what’s life without a dream? Nevermind my babbeling. Just tune up the sound:


Spinach-Artichoke Calzone

Mmmm…. looks like a tasty one! 🙂


It’s no secret that spinach artichoke dip is one of the most delicious dippable delicacies ever created. Why do you think almost every restaurant has it on their appetizer menus? We Americans gobble the gooey stuff up like it’s our job.

Side note: Another word that needs to be added to the dictionary – dippable.

I’ve got a sublime recipe for Spinach Artichoke Dip that I turn to time and time again. There is just no beating it; I haven’t even found a restaurant that can top it. However, as much as I love me some spinach artichoke dip, I would get sick of it if I ate dip day after day. Luckily, there’s a lot more one can do with the deliciousness of spinach-artichoke dip than serve it in a bowl with chips.

Take this giant, super-stuffed Spinach Artichoke Calzone for example. I get all the flavors and…

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Music Monday: Florence + The Machine, Amanda Abizaid, Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin!

Florence, you are my style icon, my idol, my goddess. Tell me, what can I do to be just half as fab as you? Keep it going, girl. You’ve cracked the code ❤

Here’s a mellow one from Amanda Abizaid. A little sad….

And finally here’s a French song with Spanish subtitles. You’re welcome! Hey, it’s Serge and Jane, so shush.