Wanna meet my “Grapefriend”?

As in, “do you wanna meet my new cool pal that knows everything about wine and knows how to describe the grapes and all the different notes of flavors”? If not, do you wanna meet someone who’s always down for a glass of vino? Ehh.. if you’re still not following (why do you read this blog?), how ’bout a girlfriend that knows how to chug it?



Hahaha, that’s right! My new virtual vino-savvy pal knows everything there is to know about the grapes (of wrath) and their after life. WINE! Everything wine! She’s an excellent writer as well, so check out her blog and maybe you can find your grapefriend too (other than yours truly!)! Yay! Here’s to this Monday being flavored burgundy by a very good edition of Sauvignon Cabernet. Unlike the genius Grapefriend, I have yet to gain tons of knowledge about the red. But I raise a toast to learning! And to vino enthusiasm world wide!


2 responses to “Wanna meet my “Grapefriend”?

  1. I am now following Grapefriend. Best blog ever. (Aside from ours obvi.) (Well not mine b/c I’m MIA lately, but yours!) (PS I O U an email!) xo

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