Music Monday: The VLA

OK, you guys. I’ve been a horrible blogger lately. I’ve just been too busy with things… but that’s good, right? And when I have some downtime I watch Netflix. Seriously…. the N and I have a pretty serious relationship going on. I just marathon’ed through “The Killing” (AMAZING) and now, thanks to my lawyer friend, I’m hooked on “Damages”. Thanks, Snehata! I know how fascinating litigation and fiduciary matters are to you but damn…. now I can’t get myself away from my laptop. But you know, it ain’t all that bad. I’m refreshing my memory concerning all the legal jargon, so it’s all good. If anyone wants to discuss anything in relation to negligent infliction of emotional distress or what you might find unconstitutional, ping me! If anything, I’m a pro at everything  categorized as “immigration or visa matters”. Seriously!

If by a miracle you will NOT need my services, I suggest you crank open a bottle of wine and enjoy a glass or two listening to this song…. which also happens to be the theme song of “Damages”. Ding ding!!!!





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