This blog is getting dusty….

But you know what? I’d rather not attempt to write anything if I don’t have anything clever to say. That way I won’t waste your time! I’m a genius, really.

I’ve needed to take a little break,  but ya know, when words of wisdom suddenly decide to enter my brain again (like, you know, they did before, duh), I’ll keep spamming you followers with notices of new postings. I can sense your excitement, but please, pace ya’selves.

So what’s been going on? A lot. Immigrations stuff, and DMV stuff and now – apartment hunting. That’s right!  My new mission is to contribute to “Keep Portland weird” AKA we are moving to the Rose City! Woot! New adventures await.

Portland skyline

Other than that, I’ve developed a strange addiction to soy sauce (and no, I’m NOT preggers, nor do I plan to be). I seriously put it on everything. Have you ever tried soy marinated tilapia? It’s DELISH! I might have to share a recipe soon.

Aight, folks! I have some more packing to do, and my PJs are calling me. Not because it’s late, but skinny jeans and Netflix don’t mix well. It’s comfort all day when I can. TTYL!


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