8-28: Status update

Looking back at just how much I’ve been blogging (or rather lack thereof) lately makes me depressed. Well, kind of. I’m not sure which direction I want to go with this blog, but something needs to be done. But let’s save those issues for another day. I’m sure y’all just dying to know what’s going on, amirite? Yeah, riiiiight.

Anyhow – this is the current status quo.

* Jamie has built a “vocal booth” inside our living room that reminds me of something Snuffy Smith would use.

* Our hallway looks like a crime scene. Mind you, we live in an apartment complex where cleaning seems rather sporadic. There used to be a cleaning lady that would vacuum and mop every other day or so, but I haven’t seen her lately. Now, whenever I venture out of my enclosure I feel like an extra on CSI.

* There is a dude in the neighborhood with a pet pig. It’s a BIG pig. And its name is Beef. I think they are dating.

* Every day I keep Portland weird. Trust me.

* My diet consists of Diet Pepsi and Ramen noodles. Very wholesome, I know.

* I don’t get the obsession of “The Royal Baby”. AT ALL. The madness needs to stop.

* I keep hoping to run into the cast and crew of “Grimm” but it has yet to happen.

* Today marks the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington, and the famous speech “I have a dream” by Martin Luther King Jr. It makes me think that we still have a long way to go.FotoFlexer_Photo55

* Sports still suck.

* I’m still awesome.




3 responses to “8-28: Status update

  1. My diet is better! Gatorade and frozen burritos. Oh yeah…

  2. Welcome back, I have missed you!!! I’m having wine & pickles right now so yup…similar diet plan. I’m glad to have you back, you’ll figure out where you’re headed with this but for now, just keep the updates coming! xx

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