Aight, time to talk vanity again

Y’all know me and my dependency on cosmetics. No shame. But it better be of good quality. And when yours truly comes across some real gems, you know she’s spilling the beans.

So… for November (we’ll get back to “Movember” later), these are some tried and trusted products.

Skin saver!

Skin saver!

I use Boscia BB cream in light every day. I blend it with two or three other shades of foundation to match my skin color. This BB cream is great on its own, but doesn’t give a lot of coverage. Blended with foundation it gives a perfect, luminous look. LOVE! It costs about $38 at Sephora, but lasts forever.

Another skin saver!

Another skin saver!

I found a sample of this oil in a magazine and decided to try it. I think my skin had an orgasm. Can you say that? It felt really good and I had a rosy glow all day. NOT greasy at all and is perfect as a night-time treatment. About 8 bucks at drugstores.

Bye bye circles.

Bye bye circles.

And this one is truly a life-saver. I get up at 3 am every day (night) for work, and this covers everything. Set it with a little bit of translucent mineral powder, and nobody can tell you didn’t get your 8,9,10 hours of sleep. A little goes a long way, but it’s super blendable. $24 at Sephora.

OK! Three recommendations for today. What are your must-haves? Do share! I’m always looking for new products, even though I stay true to the ones I love the most. Olay Total Effects Moisturizer Plus Touch of Sun has been a staple for nearly five years now. I curse the day they dare to discontinue!

Now – talk to me. Have you tried any of these? What are you faves?

Until next time… cheers! 🙂



2 responses to “Aight, time to talk vanity again

  1. I am such a terrible girl – I don’t know what BB cream is! haha I see it everywhere but…what is it? foundation?

    • WHAAAAAAT!!!!!! OMG, we need to talk. BB cream is basically tinted moisturizer, although it stands for Beauty Balm. It’s like a 7-wonders-in-1 cream – moisturizer, toner, redness reliever, skin smoother…bla bla. Lighter than foundation but can cause excessive grease among some. But – I can only guess that your surprise is founded by having the grace of good skin. Yes?

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