It’s a New Year!

Well, duh, you might wanna say. I wanna say HAPPY NEW YEAR and may 2014 be the best so far! I’m back in Portland now after a wonderful, but yet too short visit with my family and friends in Norway. I miss them incredibly much.

December went by so fast. Thanksgiving swept by like a breeze, then all of a sudden everything was decorated for Good Ole Yule – lit trees, stars everywhere, and huge sparkly Christmas trees. When I walked the streets of the city I looked around and just couldn’t believe that I’ve lived here for nearly 9 months already. I love my job, but of course – when there is a vacay scheduled, that’s about all you can think of.

So how did we ring in the New Year? With lots of champagne, paper crowns, role play and singing. We’re a silly crew, but I love my friends. They are amazing! We had a little party up in the attic at my folk’s house. The fireworks were incredible. To be honest, we have the best view in the entire town (village…) of Sykkylven. We hugged, took lots of pics, mom and dad were there as well, the cats had escaped to the woods and by dawn – all the girls had teared up stockings, runny makeup (I did for sure) and already faded memories of 2013.

I don’t have any resolutions.. well, I do, but I don’t want to write them down. I will tell you when (or if) I succeed 🙂

Some pics from NYE (bad quality ahead):




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