About the blogger

Who am I? An avid daydreamer, traveler, and writer. A multimedia journalist/editor/blogger/wannabe actress who’s shuffling between Norway and the US. I’m like a ping-pong ball that goes back and forth – blink, and you’ll miss me.  I love animals, the arts and white wine. Bill Bryson and David Lynch are my idols. I’m ambitious, ironic, hard-working, optimistic, anxious, married, vain, spoiled but pretty awesome. Oh, and I’m kinda obsessed with Simon Baker. Don’t hate! I don’t take myself too seriously. I fall and stumble, ALL THE TIME. I have no regrets, because everything happens for a reason. Cheers!



12 responses to “About the blogger

  1. Hum!! Your site is whole some. I love it.

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  3. You have an interesting site. Don’t worry, we all stumble in life. It’s about what you take time to observe while you are down, what you do with that information and do you get back up and keep falling and collecting information.
    Bon chance,

    • Thank you. Yes, we all have ups and downs. I don’t want this to become a “feel sorry for me” blog, but I just have to went sometimes. I will try to shift focus on all the crazyness that happens instead, because my life sometimes seems like a bad parody! haha!

  4. New at wordpress Blogosphere ..looking forward to explore some good blogs ..i guess yours is a one 😀

  5. Thank you so much! 🙂

  6. nice blog

  7. Thanks for the visit to my blog and apologies for taking so long to pop by and say hello……I’ve been working my way through a lot of mince pies and not getting near the computer much for a week or so!

  8. No worries! Blogging takes a lot of time, even if only on a hobby basis. Happy New Year!

  9. you have a great blog!! well done

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