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Fox painting by Ally Burguieres

Fox painting by Ally Burguieres

Unagi sushi (via)

Unagi sushi (via)


Nail polishes from Essie

Nail polishes from Essie

I hope you all had a great Easter! It was pretty mellow around here. Today Jamie and I went to the Willamette Fish Hatchery in Oakrdige (of all things), but it was pretty fun. Now we are enjoying a glass of red while waiting for the Easter dinner, which is in the crock pot. Yeah, we’re budgeting. In case you’re dying to know WHAT we’re cooking, you can find the recipe here. Nothing says Easter like sausage and cabbage… said no one ever. Ha!

Here’s a song that I’m enjoying tonight:



Music Monday: The PETODY edition!

Let me just start off by saying: BOOKMARK THIS! You will need it when you need a break, need a laugh, or just want to shut out everything else. I just recently stumbled upon the genius that is The Pet Collective, a YouTube channel owned by Freemantle Media, which features everything PETS! Could it be more awesome? I think not. I’m just in love with Ruffhanna, the dobie channeling her inner Rihanna. Just take a look at these videos, you will never regret it.

Also, check out this “behind the scenes” video:


OK, moving on. Here is Pawdele barking out her “Digging in the Deep”.

And.. introducing Corgi Rae!

Dexter fans, check this out:

HAHAHA, I D I E !!!!!!!

And here is One Directon…eerrr..excuse me, I meant Pup Direction:

And… (finally, for this post at least) The Fresh Pup of Bel Air!

Hi! I’m Callie!


My name is Callie and I am a 1,5-year-old German Shepherd mix. I’m full of energy and I love to play. Right now I am enjoying myself in a foster home, but since I’ve spent too little time outside the shelter, I would love nothing more than moving into my FOREVER home TODAY!

My foster mom and I have a lot of fun together!

My foster mom and I have a lot of fun together!

I am a sweet and affectionate girl, and I like to give kisses! If you like to run or bike, take me with you! I can go for hours! Or we could hike in the woods or just go on fun adventures. Hey, I can even help you with your household chores! Lost something? My powerful nose can sniff out anything. Is there something out of reach? I’m so agile I can jump several feet! So I think it’s best if you have a back yard with a large fence around it. Since I have such a high prey drive, I want to chase cats and squirrels. They are so funny looking and I want to investigate!

I would be very happy if you would engage me in agility, tracking or perhaps herding? I have so many talents I want to show you! 🙂 And I’m smart, too! I can learn something new every day. All I need is an alpha to gently guide me.

There is not an ounce of aggression in me. You can take anything out of my mouth, and I don’t guard my food, treats or toys. You’ll never hear me growl! Still, I will let you know when someone is coming to our house. Just to be on the safe side!

Naps are awesome!

Naps are awesome!

I’m a very strong girl, so I need to go to a dog-savvy home, and I need to be your only dog. I tend to pull a little while on a leash, but I’m getting so much better, and I’m learning to heel. Every day my foster mom says I’m making progress. I’ve learned not to jump up on the couch or people, so I lay on my doggie bed when my humans are doing other things than engaging with me.

Oh, and let me tell you what I’ve learned! “Sit”, “stay”, “down”, “shake”, “wait”, “come”, “off”, and “treat”. Not bad for a dog that’s grown up in a shelter, huh? I’m very stressed at the shelter, so that’s why I’m in a foster home. I’ve really blossomed since being in a house with loving people. That is the only thing I really wish for in life. And yes – of course I am housebroken! I have a potty schedule that never misses a beat, if you know what I mean. I also don’t chew on anything other than my toys, so your favorite chair is safe. And the best part? I’m crate trained and I love going for car rides. Every day is a fun day with me!

Aren't I pretty?

Aren’t I pretty?

I’ll be the most loyal and affectionate dog you’ve ever met. I love getting tummy rubs and massages. I even like it if you sing to me, because it relaxes me.

I'm mellow in the house and I like to watch what you are doing.

I’m mellow in the house and I like to watch what you are doing.

I’m Callie, and I want to meet you! Call my boss at Greenhill to schedule an appointment. I melt hearts where ever I go. It’s about time we met, don’t you think? If you lead, I will follow 🙂


Let’s make this a resolution anyone can do in 2013


NOAH, Greenhill Humane Society1st Avenue Shelter, S.A.R.A, Oregon Humane Society, Seattle Humane Society , Umpqua Valley Humane Society are just few of the shelters in the Oregon/Washington area. You can add a link to you local humane society in the comments field. Together we can make a difference!


All I want for Christmas….

is for Callie to find her forever home with loving people. An active family that will give her plenty of exercise, gentle but firm training, lots of love and security. They will be a very lucky family, indeed. Unfortunately we had to give Callie back to the shelter this weekend, because they might try a medication for her. Also, by being there she will have plenty of chances to meet and interact with people as opposed to staying here with us in Oakridge. I miss her dearly and I am crying. We are going away for the holidays, but when I return I will take her back with me if she hasn’t found a home yet.

Please spread the word about this gorgeous German Shepherd/Pitt mix with a heart of pure gold.



Find out all about Callie at Greenhill Humane Society.

Hi from my hiatus

Holy crap! It’s DECEMBER already!! I almost cannot believe it! That is, if it weren’t for all the flashy lights and tacky holiday balloons decorating this neighborhood. So much for sustainable energy, folks! Tell that to the guy in ammo gear setting up his umpteenth inflatable music-playing reindeer on his lawn. Callie is scared of these spectacles as she should be.

As you probably have noticed I have lacked big time with my blogging lately. Without going into details, lemme just say that I have been busy trying to sort out a few immigration dilemmas. Nothing too major, it’s just one of many humps in the road for a two-country resident.

Meanwhile, I am still enjoying the quirks of small-town America accompanied by Calllie, my amazing foster dog. She is the apple of my eye these days. And yes, she is still up for adoption, so I hope a kind and gentle soul will be opening his or her home for this awesome canine in due time for the holidays.

If you’ll all excuse me, I have a glass of bubbly with my name on it and an episode of Revenge in my queue. (Although I think the show has gone downhill this season, I still watch it for Conrad. And Victoria. And EMILY!)

PS: I am OBSESSED with hats lately. More than ever. Also worth mentioning; BB cream, Clinique Almost lipstick in Black Honey, Ciaté, flirting with young clerks at the grocery store, listening to NPR, cuddling up by the fire, avoiding anything Honey Boo-Boo, the Kardashians and Taylor Swift, revisiting Norwegian folklore and eating noodles. Lots of noodles. Top ramen is highly underappreciated.

Perfect for bad hairdays!

Perfect for bad hairdays!

More pics of Callie!

Oh, I am loving life with this pup! She is so precious! I want her to find her forever home, but I will be sad when she leaves. We’ve had so much fun together!